Puppy Feature #5

Meet Sayler’s Elegant Lady Julianna or “Ellie” for short. This little girl melted the heart of our 8 year old daughter Julianna and became her Christmas Present!

Ellie was the first puppy born in the litter and wore the purple collar. She will be a dark golden just like her sisters and brother.

Ellie has soft long ears with lots and of curly hair. ❤️

Ellie is a very calm, relaxed puppy but takes after her Mama’s sensitive heart and shyer personality. She is one of the 3 puppies from this litter that will be trained as a Service Dog. Julianna and Stacie will work together to begin her training.


Puppy Feature #4

This is sweet “Chloe” who was the little pink pup. She was the second born in the litter and so far has been Sophie’s little “Mini Me”. She is the second to smallest and was born with an adorable Mohawk that adds to her personality 💗

Chloe is a good mix of playful, adventurous, and snuggly.

She is the new best friend to a small boy in our home town. We are excited that we will live close so we can have puppy play dates! 

Puppy Featurer #3

This handsome boy name  is “Chester”. He is our only boy out of this litter of 6. He will be a dark Golden like his parents when his adult coat comes in. 

Chester has been laid back from birth. He is never really in hurry but has a sensitive heart. He is going to be the best friend of a little boy in the Seattle area. As a future Service Dog he has a big job ahead but we have confidence he will do great!

Puppy Feature #1

We would like to introduce to you an absolutely adorable Golden puppy. Her collor color is Yellow but her new name is “Doug”.

Doug was the last puppy born, in a litter of 6 puppies, on November 6th, 2016. This coming weekend she will be 8 weeks old and joining her forever family. Doug has been chosen for a special job. She will begin her training as a Service Dog for a family in the Seattle area. We feel privileged to raise her for such an important purpose in life, as her new owners constant companion.

Doug’s personality has been easy going from the start. She has become affectionately nicknamed “Mellow Yellow”. She learns quickly, gets along well with all her siblings, and of course is super snuggly!

We will miss Yellow girl “Doug” but are super excited to share our love of Golden’s with Doug’s new family ❤

Puppy Feature #2

Meet “Harley”our little Red girl. She is eagerly awaiting her family to arrive this weekend to take her to her forever home. 

Harley is the darkest “golden red”color of this litter and has an adorable face you just can’t forget! She looks very much like her Mama Sophie did at 8 weeeks old. 

She has loved growing up in a family with 3 children which is prefect because her new family in the Seattle area also has 3 children to play with.

We will miss Harley but are so happy that she will have a home where she will be loved and grow up to be great family dog ❤️.

A Future of Service

This little girl has big shoes to fill. 

Her mother Sophie is a Service Dog and we hope that this little miss will be as great as her Mama someday!  As breeders we want to breed puppies that make great family pets but when possible have an important purpose in life. 

Several of our puppies from this litter will become future Service Dogs for children. 

Service Dogs play an important role in their owners life. They must be calm, obedient, intuitive and devoted to their task. 

Sophie and Julianna recently teamed up after her diagnosis of a DIPG Brain Tumor in November. She is currently going through Radiation treatments. Sophie provides stability and guidance when walking. Her gentle intuitive nature gives Julianna confidence when out in public. 

You can follow Julianna’s Journey on the Facebook page “Praying For Julianna.