Our Family, Our Farm

Our family lives in Washington State on a small 1.55 acre farm in the country. We are privileged to be parents of 3 amazing children; “Bubba”, our oldest son, “Little Lady” our oldest daughter and ¬†our youngest daughter “Jeje”.

Living in the country has inspired many of our daily routines and activities. Watching our pumpkin patch grow, flowerbeds bloom and farm animals explore has added a real life dimension to our creativity and education. We homeschool our children which provides extra time to enjoy life on our little farm.

Despite the fact that we live on a small farm we have packed it with lots of  animals and green growing things!

The Hen House


We began raising chickens in 2011. Since then our small flock of 5 hens has grown to almost 20 chickens.

Our flock is filled with a large variety of breeds that include: Easter Eggers, White Plymoth Rock, Black Whyandotte, Black Sex-links, Buff Brahmas, Bantum Cochin/Japanese Frizzle across and Belgium Beared d’Anvers!