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“Happy Fall” ~ Mason Jar Ring Pumpkin


This has been my favorite Fall project to make this year but I must worn you it it time consuming! But it’s adorable and a great addition to my Fall decor, so it is worth it.

Supply List:

18 New Regular Mouth Mason Jar Rings

I can of “Pumpkin Orange” Spray Paint

Natural Jute Twineimg_91561

2 Small Wood Discs (Drill small holes in the top of each disc.)

2 Strips of thin Green Ribbon (6 inches)

1 Zip tie

1 Stick about (2 inches)

Tools:  Hot Glue Gun and Wood Burner

Cost: A regular mouth ring size pumpkin costs approximately $7.69 and a large mouth ring size pumpkin $11.29. These costs vary depending on where you buy your supplies.

Assembly Time: 1-2 days depending on how fast your paint dries.

Project Difficulty: I would rate this as an easy project with the assembly of the rings into a circle as the most difficult part.

Directions: First you are going to want to spray paint the mason jar rings. I have found it takes 2 -3 coats on each side to get good coverage. This process takes about a day because you need to let the rings dry between each coat of paint.

Once you have all the rings painted and dried you will want to form a ring. Use the zip tie to hold the ring together. It is nice to have a second person to help you with this part.img_89621

Place the stem (your 2″ stick) in the center of your pumpkin. The height of your stem is your preference. Hot glue it in place.

img_91551Next burn the words “Happy Fall” onto the wood discs. String each wood disc onto a piece of Jute twine. Tie the 2 pieces of twine in a knot and slip the knot over the stem. To make the “curly” next to the stem I used natural covered wire, twisted it into a spiral and hot glued it in place.

If you want a couple of leaves you can make 2 tear drop shapes with thin green ribbon and hot glue them next to the stem under the twine knot.

Your pumpkin can also be painted Cream for a white pumpkin and made in a larger size using Large Mouth Mason Jar Rings. The larger size requires 22 Mason Jar Rings to complete the pumpkin circle.

Your pumpkin is finished and ready to display! ~ Happy Fall!


Mason Jar Ring Snowman

Fall is a busy time of year for our family. With back to school, soccer games, garden harvest and outdoor winter preparation we don’t have a lot of spare time to make crafts.

But this week we set aside a little crafting time and tried a new project. We made a snowman out of Mason Jar Rings. It turned out pretty cute!

Here are the materials and assembly instructions.


17 Regular Mouth Mason Jar Rings

22 Lg. Mouth Mason Jar Rings

2 Lg. Mouth Mason Jar Rings with Lids

White Spray Paint
1 Black Knit Hand Glove
2 Large Black Buttons

2 Medium Buttons

5 Extra Small Buttons

Orange Felt

Hot Glue Gun

Jute Twine

Red Yarn


$20.00 approximately for supplies depending on where you purchase them.


1- Spray paint all the rings (both sides) with white paint. It will take about 3 coats to get complete coverage.

2- Take the a Jute Twine and tie the 17 regulate mouth rings together making a circle. It is handy to have two people to make the circle tight. Do the same thing with the 20 large mouth rings.

3- Now you have the base and middle of the snowman ready to hot glue them together.

4- Glue 3 large black buttons to the front of the snowman.

4- Take the last 2 large mouth rings and glue the 2 lids to the inside of the 2 rings. Then Glue those 2 rings together to make the face.

5- Glue 2 medium buttons on the face for the eyes and 5 extra small buttons for the mouth.

6- Cut a small triangle out of the orange felt for the nose and hot glue it on.

7- Next you can knit, crochet or just make a braid out if the red yarn for a scarf.

8- For the hat, take the black knit glove and push all the fingers down inside. Use a piece of black ribbon to tie the top together. Then fold the wrist part up to make a hat rim and place the hat in top of the 2 rings (face).

9- Enjoy your Snowman!

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Mason Jar Dog Treat Holder

This week I made a special treat jar for our dogs. They love to have a special little biscuit when they come inside from playing in the yard.
I painted a quart size Mason Jar with white chalk paint then sprayed it with a sealant.

For an accent I glued cotton black and white paw print fabric to the lid, a wooden tag and a handpainted paw print.
If you are interested in ordering a treat jar for your special fur friend visit our Double S Decor Shop on Etsy.