Breeding Philosophy

  • Our family’s Golden Retriever breeding philosophy is to breed for health, temperament and train-ability.
  • We believe it is important to try to reduce the risk of genetic defects when possible. We will provide access to all our dogs health clearances.
  • All of our puppies are sold with a Limited Registration. 
  • We believe it is important that our dogs are socialized properly. Our dogs get alone well with elderly, adults and children of all ages. They are bred to be family dogs. Part of our socialization process is introducing puppies to other animals on our farm such as horses, goats, cats and chickens,
  • Temperament is an important quality we breed for. Our female, Sophie, has demonstrated intelligence, train-ability and a desire to learn.
  • We believe it is important to match our puppies with the right new owner. Each puppy is temperament tested and a detailed new owner history is taken to ensure a good owner -puppy match.
  • We believe it is important that our dogs are not raised in a kennel but part of our lives. Our puppies are raised in our home, socialized with people, noises and animals.
  • We will provide support to the new owners and be available to answer any questions.