All Tucked in Bed

The puppies are all tucked in for a long winters nap. At 12 days old the puppy’s days are filled with lots of eating, growing and sleeping!

Mama’s legs make a nice pillow.    -Green Boy


Puppy Snuggles

Sophie loves having her babies the center of attention. These rolly polly bundles of love are definitely the center of our family life this past week and a half. 

Today they are 10 days old. They have begun to growl and bark in their dreams, their coats are getting fuzzier and yesterday they had their first nail trim!

Sleepy Sisters

Mama seems to have nice rich milk. The puppies are now between 2.4 – 2.7 pounds.

1 Week Old

Hard to believe that it has been one week since our sweet Golden puppies arrived!  They have changed a lot in a week. They have gained between 8 -11 ounces, their paws and noses have turned black, their coats have gotten fluffier, and their whiskers are growing!

Pink Girl

Red Girl

Purple Girl

Yellow Girl

Blue Girl

Green Boy

2 Days Old

This is a short video of the puppies at 2 days old. They are great little eater and already getting chubbier!  Sophie is an amazing Mama and adore her little pups.


Green Boy ~ 2 days old
“Look I am as long as my Mommy’s foot!” Yellow Girl~ 2 Days Old
Blue Girl ~ 2 Days Old

Puppies Have Arrived!

Last night Sophie delivered her first litter of Golden puppies!


We have 5 girls and 1 boy. They were all born very healthy, great nursing reflex and of course adorable! We are very thankful for our great Veterinary team who helped us through the difficult times and that all of our puppy arrived safely.

The puppies weights varied between the largest female at 17 ounces and the smallest female at 14 ounces. The rest were all 15 and 16 ounces. They are all going to bedark red and already showing different puppy personalities!

Sophie is an amazing Mama dog. It has been important to her to have her human family close by her side through the delivery and she seems to enjoy having us sitting by admiring her babies.


Guess how many?

This past week we had Sophie’s Pre-delivery x-ray.

We are counting down the days until our puppies arrive! Only about 3 more days until her due date on November 5th.

This week Sophie activity level has slowed down. We have all enjoyed watching Sophie’s tummy get rounder and feeling her puppies kick. 

Keep checking back for more puppy updates!