New Fall Growth

The Fall rains have brought our little farm to life. 

The roses are blooming,

the everbearing Strawberries are ripening again,

the recently cut back Articoke is regrowing, 

the Mums are beginning to bloom and 

the goats are enjoying a break from the rain and soaking up the sunshine! 

Leaves will continue to change color and fall and the rain and wind will come back but today we are enjoying the sunshine 🍂🍁. 


6 Weeks and Counting!


Saturday marked Sophie’s 6th week of pregnancy. Her appetite is beginning to return and a little baby (puppy) bump is starting to show! A dogs gestation is approximately 63 day. The due date is November 4th for her litter of puppies.

This week we will be setting up the kids plastic pool so she can become accustomed to it andimg_9242 begin nesting if she wants to. Our family is looking forward to watching her tummy grow over the next couple of weeks! If you are interested in learning more about adopting one of our puppies send us a message.


This year we planted sunflowers on our little farm. I have always loved the bright happy yellow flowers 🌻 that turn with the sun.

Beside their cherry presence in the garden they provided a nutritious snack for our chickens and goats.

This week we harvested some of our bigger flower heads.

Black Oil Sunflower seeds contain 28% fat, 25% fiber and 15% protein. Making these an excellent winter feed.

These are Black Oil and Grey Striped mixed together

Our Sunflowers have also attached a lot of bees to our garden. We hope to put in a bee hive next year so we definitely we will be planting a lot more Sunflowers next year!


This is the first year we have had a harvest from our little apple trees!


Right after we moved into our new house, one of the first things we did was plant some young Apple Trees. We love a variety of apples that include Fuji, Mackintosh, Gravenstein, Braeburn, Golden Delicious,  and Honey Crisp.image

Although they are still a small and growing semi-dwarf trees, they were amazingly sweet, crisp and fresh! We can hardly wait until we have enough apples from our own trees to make applesauce.


Blue Ribbon Eggs

This year Bubba and Little Lady entered some of our chicken’s eggs in our county Fair. It was fun to see all the egg cartons and different types of eggs on display.  The picture above was a dozen large brown eggs from Nana’s flock of chickens that received Reserve Grand Champion.

These dozen brown eggs are smaller and from our Spring chicks that just started laying eggs. They also received a blue ribbon.

Our 4-H poultry club has taught us a lot about what ideal fresh eggs should look like. So it was fun examining the eggs we collected and choosing just the right ones for Fair.

Treat Jar

This week I made a special treat jar for our dogs. They love to have a special little biscuit when they come inside from playing in the yard.

I painted a quart size Mason Jar with white chalk paint then sprayed it with a sealant. 

For an accent I glued cotton black and white paw print fabric to the lid, a wooden tag and a handpainted paw print.

If you are interested in ordering  a treat jar for your special fur friend visit our Double S Decor Shop on Etsy.